On Children’s Graves


I watched this tonight. Please let me take this one for the team! However, if you feel the need to watch it, click here.

Aside from being vulgar, standing on children’s graves and essentially being vile on every level imaginable, this is extraordinarily inaccurate. The “fact” that bugged me the most was the “26 school shootings” since Newtown. It bugged me so much I HAD to prove them wrong.

Turns out, they aren’t “wrong”. They just aren’t honest. Yes, 26 shootings have taken place in conjunction with a campus. The problem is, when you show elementary kids, talk about a shooting on an elementary school campus, then say there have been 26 school shootings, you mislead your audience to believe all those shootings occurred on elementary campuses.

Truth is, the 26 shootings are compiled by adding in college campus shootings, bus shootings, bus stop shootings, accidental discharges of weapons, shootings NEAR schools, suicides and, of course, shootings actually on a high, middle or elementary school campuses.

Those are some BROAD parameters. When you start looking at the break down the reality is there have been 5 actual school shootings. Now, I agree it is 5 too many, but it surely isn’t 26. Not even close. This is what we call propaganda.

Propaganda works because the producers of it count on the audience simply accepting what is said is truth. I REFUSE to let this propaganda work!!!!! Partly because it worries me that it can promote gun control measures. Partly because I do not like being thought of as a sheep. However, my chiefest reason for picking this apart is that it dishonors the victims of Newtown by using their deaths to promote an agenda.

Sick. Twisted. Gross. It stops now.



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