Keep Up the Grinch Work: Humanist Roy Speckhardt “We aren’t a Charitable Organization”

Christmas is a time when many of the best facets of humanity, faith, and charity have a chance to shine through in people. There is something about this season that reminds us about those less fortunate and gives us a kick in the rear end to find the money to give them a better Christmas.

Too bad the American Humanist Association doesn’t feel the same way. They only approve of secular charities at this time of the year, though they don’t go out of their way to insure that poor children receive gifts for Christmas (I’m sure they are much too busy suing schools and telling people not to put up Nativity scenes where they might be traumatizing to humanists.)

So they threatened to sue a couple of schools for getting involved, via their students, with Operation Christmas Child, a charitable project run by Samaritan’s Purse, when student’s wanted to run a toy drive to send presents (toys, hygiene products, clothes, and school supplies) to children in need all over the world.

Thank God the American Humanist Association preventing those nasty, charitable Christians from proselytizing poor children. As Megyn Kelly said in her interview with Roy Speckhardt, “that will be a warm comfort to them on Christmas morning.”

How many of these school suing, charity blocking, Grinch faced, “humanists” ever went through a Christmas where they probably were not going to have a tree or a stocking or presents from Santa or a Christmas dinner on the table?

How many of them woke up Christmas morning with the wish that they would get anything under the tree, even if that was just a new tooth brush and shampoo or a pack of socks and underwear? How many of them would have been happy with just that, because they might not get that many brand new items the rest of the year?

My family was poor, but never that poor. Many years we still found the money to participate in charities like the Christmas Angel Tree through the Salvation Army. I guarantee the kids who got gifts from that (or any other religious charity) weren’t upset that their present came from someone who loved Jesus as much as loved doing charity work.

Operation Christmas Child and other Christmas charities like it are for children who may not get a Christmas celebration at all without the work done by students like the ones at those schools in Colorado and South Carolina. These children may not even read the religious pamphlet that may or may not come with their gift, but you have to be a special brand of evil to say that students shouldn’t organize a toy drive for children all over the world, just because a religious group is involved.

Roy Speckhardt recommends partnering with some other more “acceptable” charity instead, he just breaks into hives when it’s a religious charity doing the gift giving. After all, it wouldn’t do to let people see Christians as kind-hearted and charitable human beings when they’ve spent so much time trying to turn them into the bigoted bogeymen that their humanist children have nightmares about at night.

He recommended Toys for Tots, which is hardly a comparable organization. Does he even know what Operation Christmas Child does? They operate in 130 countries or more, while Toys for Tots is a United States only charity. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to say that they are interchangeable on the charitable level is a sure sign that he knows nothing about the work either charity does.

In the end, what does it matter?

His tax dollars weren’t involved. The school wasn’t even organizing the drive, the students were. God forbid that we encourage our next generation to be charitable of their own free will.

But please, do keep acting like uncharitable jack-asses who hate Christmas and can’t let anyone religious be found in the public sphere of influence. It makes it so easy to call you what you are, unhappy, Grinch-like little people with a phobia of any sort of faith or religious charity.

You aren’t even willing to step in and close the gap you leave when you try to shut these charities out, because you “aren’t a charitable organization”.

You got that right, have you read the definition of the word charitable lately? You definitely don’t fulfill the “full of love for and goodwill toward others” part of the requirement.

Unfortunately for you, we’ve learned that we don’t need your approval. The students at that school in Colorado that you threatened to sue did what they wanted to anyway, just outside the school property.

On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of students and parents and well-wishers staged a grassroots act of defiance. And while they meant to send a message to the humanists – it was really about making sure poor children had toys on Christmas day.

“The young people weren’t concerned about the politics of it,” Unruh told me. “They were asking, ‘what about the kids?’”

Instead of collecting the shoe boxes inside the school – the students just moved their entire operation outside – on a public sidewalk.

Volunteers loaded shoe boxes into trucks and vans, while students held a religious liberty rally – hoisting signs condemning the humanists.

Fox News

We’ve learned, just like every Who down in Whoville, that the Grinch can only steal Christmas if you let him and we’re sick and tired of giving in and crumpling up every time you sneak and try to kill Christmas.

Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas.


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