He Was Against It, Before He Was For It, Before He Was Against It

Democrats told us that we had crappy healthcare plans and they just knew what was better for us, that’s why our insurance plans had to be cancelled.

Whoops, no sorry, not cancelled…transitioned.

Obama told us we could keep our plans if we liked them, most of the country has agreed that he was lying through his little lying teeth when he said that. He would not hear of any change to the plan, because that would end with people being able to keep those substandard plans that they voluntarily chose for themselves.

Surprise surprise, men don’t all want to buy insurance coverage with maternity and birth control coverage.

For that matter, I don’t want to buy a plan that costs more so that I can have coverage for birth control or prostate exams.

Seems a little unnecessary for my lifestyle…and gender.

Then his tune changed suddenly.

Now he wants to keep his promise about you getting to keep your plan….but only if he gets to completely ignore the Constitution and pretend Congress doesn’t exist when he does it.

See he wants to fix it all by his lonesome, because he totally has that power.

Just hours after calling for measures equivalent to the Keep Your Health Plan Act in the House – measures Obama lacks the legal authority to enforce without Congress – and burbling all sorts of promises that he can’t wait to work with Republicans to help all those poor people who are losing their insurance plans, Obama threatened to veto the bill.


Does it make me a conspiracy theorist that I think this could possibly be a giant scheme, by which, Obama will start appealing to a precedent he set whenever anyone says “Hey, you aren’t allowed to do that. You have to get congressional approval!”

He’ll say “But you were fine when I changed a law and chose how to enforce it when it came to Obamacare!”

Obviously that wouldn’t work if the “fix” came through Congress, instead of HRH Obama’s office, so he has to veto the bill even though he claimed to want to do just what this bill is supposed to do.

No thanks, I don’t want to inflate his already enormous ego any further.

You aren’t the king.

You don’t have the right to ignore the checks and balances in our government.

You can keep lying to people if you want, but just know that no one really buys what your selling anymore.

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