Alec Baldwin is What Happens When Your Ratings Suck

This is the most attention any of the people on MSNBC has gotten (outside of being mocked by conservatives) in forever and, insane homophobic rants or not, I’m sure they hope that attention will translate to ratings.

I didn’t say they were smart.

They are desperate though.

Maddow can’t get them ratings.

Chris Matthews either.

In fact no one can seem to get the ratings that will make them even slightly successful, much less overtake Fox. I mean, face it, Fox changed their entire prime time line up and MSNBC only got a ratings boost for a nanosecond.

And in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.

The loud and very vulgar homophobe Alec Baldwin, but now MSNBC is looking more foolish. Baldwin is bringing himself (and them) a lot of bad press, but in this case any publicity is NOT good publicity and their ratings and his are still as low as they ever were.

Actually his are in a continuous downward slump, currently 41% down from his shows debut.

I guess no one is really interested in the politically delusional droning of a moderately decent actor with a foul mouth and a dwindling career that’s mostly made up of Capital One credit card commercials.

We have to wonder whether MSNBC will ever fire this guy, despite the fact that keeping him on the payroll just makes me them look desperate to fill air time, even with a guy that seems to have a serious anger problem and a deep-seated loathing of gay people.

Liberals think my side of the aisle has a problem with the gay community, but my friends in the conservative movement have nothing on Alec Baldwin’s vitriolic hatred of anyone who prefers the same sex over the opposite sex.

And liberals who think that a lesbian conservative like myself is a “self-loathing closet case” might want to ask why Rachel Maddow, who probably has the highest rated show on MSNBC (that’s not saying much obviously), isn’t speaking out against this crazy homophobic bigot she has to share a station with. Surely, with her ratings easily trumping Baldwin’s, she could say something to the higher ups about this hateful loose cannon that they’ve hired.

Who knows, maybe I’m not the “self-loathing” one.


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