Feminist Movie Ratings: Because Women Are Only Feminists if They Hang Out With Other Women

This is not a strong female character. Don't let the bad-assery confuse you. She is actually a detriment to female empowerment.

This is not a strong female character. Don’t let the bad-assery confuse you. She is actually a detriment to female empowerment.

Look, I get it. I like strong female characters as much as the next movie goer.

I basically fell in love over Amy Adams portrayal of Lois Lane especially when compared to the past incarnations of the character, but if you need a rating system to let you know how “feminist” a movie is before going, you are an idiot.

So honestly Sweden? This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while.

You expect movie ratings to tell you whether a film contains nudity, sex, profanity or violence. Now movie theaters in equality-minded Sweden are introducing a new rating to highlight gender bias, or rather the absence of it.

To get an “A” rating, a movie must pass the so-called Bechdel test, which means it must have at least two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.

“The entire `Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, all `Star Wars’ movies, `The Social Network,’ `Pulp Fiction’ and all but one of the `Harry Potter’ movies fail this test,” said Ellen Tejle, the director of Bio Rio, an art-house movie theater in Stockholm’s trendy Sodermalm district.

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This whole obsession with talking about the female gender is especially stupid when you consider that Sweden has been in the national news several times lately for it’s attempts to DE-emphasize separate genders in some schools and even going to the point of creating an official gender neutral pronoun for those that don’t want to indicate a gender.

Besides, since when is good story telling predicated by how many women are in the film and how they are portrayed?

I don’t care if all the main characters are women and they spend the whole time being empowered, if the movie sucks I’m not going to see it.

Or if I do see it I’m going to bitch about how bad it was, regardless of the fierce and empowered female cast.

The problem that feminists have is that they seem to have a unique inability to connect with anything or anyone that isn’t “feminist” and they think that everyone else has the exact same problem.

Sorry ladies, it’s just you.

I don’t need a “strong female” to relate to in order to watch a movie. Somehow I can manage just fine in relating to male characters too. That’s how good writing and literature work. I should be able to relate to the character of Superman just as much as the character of Lois Lane, not because of gender, but because they are supposed to represent some part of humanity for the viewers.

If you can’t handle that, I feel sorry for you.

The Bechdel test is a silly test anyway.

How are you going to even attempt to justify the idea that, just because there aren’t as many women in the movie, that Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are sexist and gender biased against women?

Have you even watched these movies?

I should be so lucky to raise a daughter that is as self-assured as Arwen or as brave as Eowyn or Leia.

In fact I would feel lucky to raise a son who was that brave and self-assured. Once again, it has nothing to do with gender.

The only way to pass the Bechdel test is for two women in the movie to talk to each other about something other than a man.

How does that make a move non-gender biased exactly and why is this important?

Eowyn is about as strong a female character as you can get in many fantasy based movies, but Lord of the Rings fails the Bechdel test.


Because there aren’t enough women in the movie to suit feminists, so Eowyn doesn’t have a women to talk to.

Instead, like a normal person, she has conversations with anyone around her and finds a way to relate to them whether they are male or female.


Sadly, apparently, the quality of the character is not our basis for judging equality or how good a role model the character is.

Just the quantity and whether they talk about something other than men.

For crying out loud, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider fails this test.

Please, without referencing the fact that the character is sexy and she knows it, tell me how she’s a character that is somehow failing to promote gender equality? What, she doesn’t have a best girlfriend so she’s a disgrace to feminism?

This isn’t a real rating system. It’s a lazy excuse for feminists to get butthurt without actually analyzing the plot or the characters in a film.

If you judge what movie you see based on the number of women in it and not the quality of the plot, the acting, and the characters…then you are the one being sexist and I’m not afraid to call you on it.

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  1. Call me crazy… but when people, particularly "educated" mean and women… it can only mean one of three things. 1) Some women want to be "separate and equal." That harkens us back to the days of segregation and the epitome of separating culture due to hate. Yes, I said hate. Or 2) Jealousy. Jealousy that one segment of the population is superior/inferior to the other. Rather than enjoying the way God made each of us and utilizing it to the fullest to make life greater for everyone, we have to look across the river and see how the other half lives… and want it so badly as to force that river to become a grass field… so that we can all walk on it. or 3) Shame. If you can't let a man be a man… a woman a woman… and want to blur the lines of gender to the point of removing it altogether, then that tells me some in society are ashamed of who they are. There is great fear in that… a fear that was started by some educated idiot at some higher place of education who was looking to improve his/her status in the world by publishing a paper in which gender is seen as a monster .. hell bent on destroying the progress of mankind.

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