They Never Allowed Dirty Dancing at My High School Either

Is it really considered news now that schools don’t want simulated sex on the dance floor of their sock hop?

I guess what is actually newsworthy about this story from Washington state is that someone in the school administration had to write out a contract with the words “twerk”, “lap dance”, and “look like you’re having sex” for parents and students to sign.

My high school, which I attended between the years of *mumble-mumble* to *mumble-mumble, we had some very similar rules, only no one needed to sign a contract to be held accountable for their actions on the dance floor. We all knew if a teacher caught you grinding on your dance partner (no matter the gender) you were going to get hauled out of the dance and your parents were going to get called…and you’d probably be banned from dances for the year.

Or the rest of high school.

No joke, I saw it happen once.

Only once, because apparently the students I went to high school with weren’t nearly as dirty minded as the high school students today.

I read today about a pair of high school students in Woodstock, Georgia that have been charged with misdemeanor public indecency because the female decided to carry through on a dare and perform oral sex on the male student in the cafeteria.

Awesome, I’m sure Miley Cyrus would be all sorts of proud of them.

I’m not so naive as to think that high school students haven’t been having sex for years, but public blow jobs? When did it become a funny dare (that a girl would actually commit to) to commit public sex acts in your school cafeteria at lunch and get recorded doing it?

Well maybe it would be better to ask when we became a society where writing this post would be labeled as “insensitive” and “shaming” by certain groups of people.

Maybe it would be better to ask when it became news that schools don’t want students simulating sex acts on the dance floor.

But I already asked that and I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe you can tell me.

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