BURN THEM!: Jezebel’s Solution to Books They Don’t Like

Censored rubber stampCensoring is something that is usually a big no-no for liberals. They can’t stand the idea of books being censored in schools or in public libraries or even by parents.

You are clearly a terrible parent if you don’t let your kid read anything and everything they want, including smutty romance novels (and no, I’m not talking about Twilight) or books that contain teenage sex, drug use, or vulgar language, but I digress.

As I said, it’s usually a topic that gets liberals all hot and bothered. Independent bookstores in my town dedicate entire months to banned books and talking about how censorship is wrong and how we need to all books of all kinds to be written, published, and read. They put up wall displays of books that have been banned throughout the decades, encouraging us to read them and absorb the “forbidden” knowledge contained within.

It’s a topic that gets me hot and bothered too and that’s how I found a topic that I agree with liberals, in theory, on about 80% of the time.

The other 20% they are actively and hypocritically censoring books they don’t like. It would be hilarious if it didn’t make me want to punch them in the throat.

Take this “article” from Jezebel for instance.

Awesome 8-Year-Old Gets Sexist Books Removed From Bookstore

When Constance Cooper’s eight-year-old daughter saw some ridiculously sexist kid’s books as she was browsing for something to read at a local bookstore, she did something we all can do: See something, say something. Especially when that something is the Boys Only survival guide for “How to Survive a Plane Crash” next to the Girls Only survival guide for “How to Teach Your Cat to Sit”.

Amazing, right? Check out the other Girls Only and Boys Only titles:

…(read at Jezebel link)…

So many levels of YIKES! and WTF! and deep, deep gender issues in this list.

When Cooper’s daughter pointed the books out to store employees, they immediately yanked them from the shelves. Good on everyone involved! I was gonna say something about finally having a good reason to burn books, but they should probably just be recycled. Damn.

I will never, ever, for the rest of my life, understand why liberals think it’s necessary to take an object that offends them out of circulation entirely. It’s like they are allergic to having a conversation with their children and deciding if they think that a book is appropriate or inappropriate for their child.

No one is forcing you to buy it or forcing your daughter to read it, but because it’s “sexist” liberals are highly pleased and excited that an employee made it unavailable for any in the store to buy and, in fact, think it would be great if the books were burned or at least destroyed.


Don’t be proud of advocating censorship, it just makes you another moralizing bigot who wants to control the narrative and only allow people to read what you deem “appropriate”.

If you give “kudos” to a bookstore employee for pulling books you don’t like from the shelves, you are no better than those “bigoted” social conservatives you hate so much.

Freedom is freedom


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  1. I would point out however that while still intellectually stupid, this is not censorship as it did not involve government force.

    • Meh, I’ll give you that it’s not institutional censorship, but it is censorship. A person is examining a book, stating it’s inappropriate for purchase or reading and removing access to it.
      Add to the fact that this was an employee and not the owner (if an owner chooses not to sell a book, that’s different) and the whole thing is hypocritical.

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