Moral Apathy: Harvard, Atheists, and Liberals…Oh My.

I don’t know if you heard, but Harvard came out with a new survey of their incoming class of 2017. Future Harvard grads who will have doors opened to them just by having that illustrious college name on their diploma, but does that name really impart anything other than world class debt to those that attend the college?

Not based on this survey:

According to the results of an online study compiled by The Harvard Crimson, 42 percent of incoming Harvard freshmen admitted to cheating in one form or another — 10 percent more than last year.

Recruited athletes were twice as likely to say that had cheated than other students, according to the Crimson.

The survey also drew predictable conclusions about students’ political and religious beliefs.

A combined 32 percent of students described themselves as agnostic or atheist. And 60 percent described themselves as liberal or very liberal. Just 15 percent of students characterized themselves as conservative.

Daily Caller

I personally want to focus on that “cheating” number. It’s more than a little sad.

The number Daily Caller is pulling is from the survey in which they asked who had cheated on “homework” or “problem sets”. To be fair, only 10-17% admitted to cheating on papers or exams (though those ARE harder to cheat on), but nearly half the students, getting into what is supposed to be one of the top schools in our country, cheated to get where they are.

Admittedly this doesn’t take into account how often they cheated or why, but it’s still disheartening and with 60% of the student identifying with the left side of the spectrum and only 15% on the right, we can see where the most cheating is going on statistically.

Cheating on a few tests and assignments isn’t that bad though. At least they aren’t selling drugs.

Bill Maher recently admitted that his college career (at Cornell) and comedy career were launched from, you’ll never guess, his earnings as a…pot dealer.

I guess “laws” are just so passe right Bill?

If Bill didn’t have follow that law, I guess he’ll support my right to ignore Obamacare right?

Well I guess in the grand scheme of things a little pot money doesn’t really matter, but in the same week a report came out that 13 Democrats have been charged with embezzling a total of $16 million dollars from…welfare programs and charities for AIDs.

Ah, so now we see the real reason they don’t want us cutting any sort of welfare funding from. Without that how would they run their money laundering schemes and buy vacation homes, Cadillacs, and fur coats?

But really, looking at it from the point of view of Richard Dawkins, who doesn’t even think that “mild pedophilia” is something worth getting worked up over (because clearly when he was in school it was just a normal day to have your teachers fondle your genitals), then money laundering and embezzlement really doesn’t seem like that much a sin.

The idea of the slipper slope was supposed to be a logical fallacy, not something to throw your culture down as fast as possible.


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