5 John Wayn FIlms Obama should see

John Wayne AmericanRecently our the editor published of an inferior site had a list of 5 John Wayne Films that Obama should watch as he could clearly learn something from them—of course when you know less than nothing you probably could learn something from just about anything if you tried, which he won’t—but I realize that this is not the extent of the Duke’s wisdom for Obama and the rest of us.  So here are five better John Wayne films Obama needs to watch.

Rio Bravo

“You want that gun, pick it up. I wish you would.”

I’ve covered this movie before on this Damn Straight Politics, but it never hurts to go over it again because it is such a great film.  The story of a Sheriff who when faced with overwhelming and insurmountable odds against a foe who will most certainly destroyriobravohim, doesn’t retreat, doesn’t negotiate, doesn’t surrender, doesn’t give.  He leads and he fights.

Obama should try leading at some point, really leading…not just dictating like a tyrant or running away and blaming others for his failures.  Really leading.  I realize he is intellectually and morally incapable of such a thing, but he should at least try it.


“The government never gave anyone anything…There’s no such thing as free land.  You make these homesteads go you’ll have earned every acre of it.”

This movie offers another two great lessons for Obama.  The first comes from a scene where Wayne’s character, George Washington McLintock warns incoming settlers that you can’t farm 6,000 feet above sea level and that they will die if they try to get a homestead on the plains.  The lesson here is that you can’t change facts—it doesn’t matter how much you want solar cells and electric cars, throw all the money you want at it, it still won’t exist if the technology hasn’t progressed to the point of making it viable.  This scene is also interesting because in response to Wayne pointing out simple facts an idiotic bureaucrat (who McLintock points outs, “Douglas, I come close to killin’ you a couple of times when we were younger. Saddens me I didn’t.”) tries to then convince the settlers not to turn around, not because of things like facts, but because McLintock is rich, and rich people should not be listened to.  It saddens me as well that McLintock didn’t kill the Occupy idiot of the 1800’s.

The second lesson we see, which is applicable to Syria, is from a later scene where the same idiot settlers are about to execute an Indian after a show trial because a girl had gone missing, and, without any facts, they knew it was the Indians (she was off with a boy, but facts don’t matter). So the settlers get ready for an execution, much like Obama has decided to invade a country without having any facts or caring about them.  Luckily McLintock showed the settlers the error of their ways and someone should to do the exact same with Barry. But I won’t.  I won’t…

The Green Berets

“Out here due process is a gun.”

John-Wayne in the Green Berets

Okay Obama probably wouldn’t get much out of this film as he’d be too busy rooting for the other side but the movie is a wonderful film in itself.  A biased liberal reporter goes to Vietnam to see for himself the corruption, the chaos, and the fact that we can’t win the war. The problem is that said liberal lie does not exist in Vietnam. The military is not just a bunch of inept losers but rather honorable, intelligent, and brave defenders of liberty.

The thing for Obama to learn here is that America is the good guys and communism, socialism and all the other crap Barry loves so much is actually the villains.  Now in reality liberals aren’t as bright as they are depicted in this movie, you can show them the evil of state run government time and time and time again, but unlike the liberal report in this film, they never learn.

From this Obama could learn some basic respect for military…but we know that jackass will never do that.

El Dorado

Now those who know John Wayne films will be asking, wait a second isn’t El Dorado just a remake of Rio Bravo?  Yes, yes it is.  And that’s what Obama could learn, sometimes it’s okay to just do the same thing that you did before if it worked.  In this case Obama should pull out the Reagan economics plan, and copy it point for point. Lower taxes, lower regulation, beat the crap out of whiny unions, and rebuild the military.  It worked before it will work again.  Or hey do you remember Romney’s 40 point plan. Pull that out that, use that.

You don’t have to be original Barry to do something good.


Why Hatari!?  Because this movie has two very simple lessons.

Rhinos are dangerous, they should be taken out with large guns, heavy tranquilizers and caged to be kept away from civilized people.

Also follow the elephants.

Enough said.

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