Friday Spotlight on Pop Culture: The Dark Knight Trilogy

I am a nerd. I’m basically the nerdiest of nerds and I have no problem saying that this is probably one of my favorite series of comic book movies that I’ve ever watched.* I wrote a 10 page paper on The Dark Knight for a political science class, I take this stuff seriously.

Now, considering how well the movies did in theater, you’ve probably already seen them, but I’m going to talk about them anyway. At least this way there are no spoilers.

It’s my opinion that DC movies cover a topics that are far more “deep” in nature and The Dark Knight movies were certainly no exception to that rule. Philosophy, modern political messages, and literary references run through all 3 of the films** and don’t even get me started on the cast of actors.

I’m not just saying that because Christian Bale is a magnificent specimen of humanity. Actually my favorite actor/character in the films would have to be Commissioner Gordon, played by Gary Oldman…a man who is so good at acting that I sometimes don’t know he’s in a movie until I see his name in the credits.

Anyway, here’s a few of my favorite scenes.

Batman Begins:

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises:

And so, so many more.

Here’s a few article’s that I (and others) have written about the movies.

A joint review of The Dark Knight Rises from two writer’s for this website

Batman Begins as a movie that shows the rich as the good guys


*The Man of Steel related movies might sweep them, but that’s yet to be decided. If they do, that will be a big deal since I’ve had not very cuddly feelings about Superman for most of my life. Probably a result of being in the “Smallville” generation…

**Someday I’m going to write about the way they wrote the perfect trilogy to explore all three majors types of conflict. Seriously, writing classes AND philosophy classes should make these movies part of their curriculum.

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  1. Likewise the previous installment, The Dark Knight Rises comes with a phenomenal cinematography and all the cast did do remarkable acting. Christian Bale played the role as the Batman and his antagonist, Tom Hardy (playing the role as Bane) did give a phenomenal acting performance as the bad guy in the movie. The costume he put on was also added cachet to him while making him look really awe-inspiring & overwhelming.

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