Obama Announces His Official Reincarnation as Bush 2.0

By: MeredithAncret


Chemical weapons are morally unacceptable.

Attacking your own people with them (or with anything else) is pretty morally unacceptable as well.

But why is it America’s job to be the police force of the world? Let Syria handle it right? It’s not any of our business what they do to their own people.*

I mean, it clearly wasn’t all that morally unacceptable when Saddam was killing the Kurds right?

Let me put it this way, we have just as much evidence of chemical weapons here as we did in Iraq. (Also, where do you think Syria got their chemical weapons? They don’t exactly have the manufacturing infrastructure for that.)

How can we ignore the smell of hypocritical BS that is wafting off of Obama and his supporters right about now, as they consider the advisability of starting a war without approval from congress and without waiting for the okay signal from the UN, this is like almost a picture perfect copy of the actions that liberals liked to attack Bush for during his presidency.

I’m beginning to think we are being trolled.

Obama keeps using the same strategies as Bush in everything from economic recovery to war (with worse results usually).

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

So let me ask the questions that I took for granted when Bush sent troops into the Middle East in the 2000s.

What is your long term plan for Syria?

Goodness knows you haven’t had a great scorecard in helping out in Middle Eastern countries so far during your presidency.

Libya –> Benghazi

Egyptian Arab Spring –> Egyptians now hate you (us) because you are a moron who supports Morsi

Arab Spring in general –> Oh yes, that turned out well

So what’s your plan? How are you going to play this? Hand Syria over to the rebels? You know, the ones that behead Christians and eat them.

Try to force democracy on them? That went really well in Egypt.

For that matter, you’ve been decommissioning ships and tinkering with the budget on our military and you think now is the time to be stirring up the ingredients for a 3rd World War?

Do you have a plan for dealing with that? Syria has allies and are we ready to deal with that?

In short, do you have a plan?

We took it for granted that there was a plan, a story arc for the whole series rather than just a season, when Bush went into the Middle East. We kind of got that wrong and given your history we aren’t willing to take it for granted again.


*Liberals, recognize your own talking points, 2002 – 2008 AD (Bush Presidency)?


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