Oh Good, I Was Afraid People Would Expect Me To Exercise Self Control: Stop Your Internet Addiction Through Electroshock!

While New Jersey is banning “gay reparative therapy” which, according to Mother Jones at least, uses electroshock to “cure” gay people, a couple of students at MIT is rigging up a personal electroshock unit for people who just don’t have enough self control to kick that facebook addiction.

No really.

Developed by MIT students Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff, the “Pavlov Poke” monitors your computer usage and actually delivers a shock to your wrist through the keyboard rest if it finds that you’re online too much.

The pair estimates they once spent as much as 50 hours a week on Facebook, and developed the device as a way to cut back.

“It monitors application usage and if you spend to much time on a particular website or application it will give you a shock,” McDuff said in a promo video. “The shock is unpleasant but not dangerous.”

Of course, the whole thing is meant to be somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek joke.

Channel 3000

“Of course”? I’m not sure how ‘tongue-in-cheek’ is implied anywhere in this concept.

Awesome, well I guess I’ll get one of those. It might help me curb my addiction to getting into fights with liberals on tumblr.

Self-control, who needs self-control? Technology can take care of that.

Resistance is futile.

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