Tips for Sexting

Carlos Danger’s Tips for Sexting

1) You first need a Nom de Plume. Try not to pick an obvious variation of your actual name. In fact, the less mature the better!

2) Choose the lady carefully. For instance, you want to pick someone who already thinks you are like, totally awesome. They are more likely to respond positively.

3) Dive right in. No need to pussy foot around…LOL I said pussy! Might as well go for the gusto and find out immediately if she’s down with it.

4) Send her lots of naked pics. If you don’t have a Nom de Plume, use an official twitter account so she knows it’s really you once in a while.

5) Always double check the button you plan to push. Remember, this should be kept private, not go out to thousands of people.

6) If you do send something incorrectly, just say your account was hacked. Above all else, never veer from that line.

7) If irrefutable proof surfaces that the image was, in fact you and it was not a hack job, blame the person who made it public knowledge.

8) Never stop. Seriously, why would you? There are so many young impressionable girls out there, if one says “no” 10 more will say “yes”.

9) Make sure they delete stuff. I mean, you don’t want those pics coming out again and again and again do you?

10) Have fun. Mix it up. This is about fantasy not reality, so you may as well let your imagination run wild!

Hope these tips help in you endeavor to keep it sexy. Remember, the name of the game is fun. Happy Sexting!

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