Friday Spotlight on Pop Culture: Ever After


First off, this movie is very 90s and I apologize.

This is my series though, so I call the shots. I’ll go more modern next week.

The first time I watched this movie it was on VHS and it was a new release at Blockbuster and my mother was worried I would wear the tape out because I watched it over and over during the time we had it rented.

Luckily DVDs don’t wear out so easily, so I can watch my copy of it as many times as I like.

Quite simply, there will never be a time where I will watch this movie and not cry at some point and I’m in love with every single character, even the villains, at some point in the film. Blame that on the writers who managed to write both touching and witty dialogue.

The story strips out the pumpkins, the fairy godmothers, and talking mice and leaves us with a historical romance set in early 19th century France. Royalty mixed with lower nobility and neither one of them has much use for the peasantry…accept for doing all the farming and cleaning. The nobility are far to busy being worried about the upcoming marriage of Prince Henry to a Spanish Princess (who never gets a name) who Henry wants nothing to do with.

See, he is a little more interested in love and he finds it with Danielle de Barbarac. She’s not actually royalty, but she pretends to be just long enough for Henry to fall head over heels for her, unfortunately her stepmother is scheming to marry Henry to Marguerite, Danielle’s harpy like stepsister.

There are some truly memorable scenes and hilarious dialogue from more than a few characters (one of which is Leonardo Da Vinci) and here’s the trailer and one of my favorite scenes for you to peruse…then you need to go get the movie and watch it this weekend.

You’ll thank me, I promise.



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