New Secretary of Homeland Security Should Probably Know Something About Homeland Security

Clearly the only logical choice for Secretary of Homeland Security

Here’s a revolutionary concept, maybe the person in change of the security of the country should actually have some experience in the field he’s going to be working in.

I’m not afraid to cast stones on this issue on both sides of the fence. The only secretary of Homeland Security under the Bush Administration who had actual experience in military, law enforcement, or security was Acting Secretary James Loy (who was in office precisely 14 days in February of 2005) formerly the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard.

Which, when you think about it, is a pretty ideal background for DHS.

The rest of the appointees to the office have been a little short of spectacular when it comes to any actual knowledge of what should be done to create security here in our country.

The  first appointee during the Bush administration was Tom Ridge. His qualifications?  Well he served 2 years or so in the infantry during Vietnam, got his J.D. in 1972 and was in private practice for several years and an Assistant District Attorney for 2 years, before becoming a lifetime politician. He’s tough on crime, admittedly, and supports school choice, so it’s not that I dislike the guy…but he’s not exactly the guy you think of first when you think “that’s someone who knows all about homeland security”.

Then came Michael Chertoff and this guy took on the mafia and government fraud and was the District Attorney for New Jersey, but he (like Tom Ridge) is essentially a lifetime lawyer and politician. He was nominated based on his experience with 9/11 terror legislation, but once again, what did this guy really know about homeland security? I’m sure he did the best job he could do for the country, this is a guy who is not exactly soft on crime, but did he really have the experience necessary to know what he was doing? Not by my estimation.

Don’t even get me started on Janet Napolitano. Literally the only thing she had going for her was the fact that she was the governor (who knows how that happened) of a border state, but this another lifelong politician who thinks that our borders are safer than ever and has literally no experience in border security, military security, law enforcement, or anything that would make her qualified at all to be Secretary of DHS. She doesn’t even have a background of being especially “tough on crime” like the first two Secretaries.

Now the Congressional Black Caucus is floating Sheila Jackson Lee as a replacement for Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano. Exactly what are HER qualifications on knowing anything about anything when it comes to protecting the homeland? This is Miss “racial code words” and “people only argue with Obama because RACISM!” herself.

Maybe, just maybe, and stop me if this sounds insane, we should put someone in charge that knows what they are doing because they have experience doing it.

Personally I would suggest Mike Baker, but I’m not sure Diligence could do without him.

Also can the Secretary of Homeland Security be a part time ombudsman for a late not political show? I would miss my Wanker Gap reports.

Might I suggest someone with actual military background (as something other than infantry) or maybe a Sheriff, border agent, Federal Marshal, or some other form of law enforcement with the required background and experience to actually know what the hell they need to be doing?

Never mind, that’s crazy. Let’s nominate another lifetime politician, I’m sure they’ll muddle along somehow.


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