Breaking News: Cracker is not a Racist Slur, but a Literal Description…Seriously.

One of the key witnesses for the Zimmerman prosecution said, while on the stand, that Trayvon said that a “creepy-ass cracker” was following him, but that’s totally not a racist statement.

Funny, the few times I’ve been referred to as a “cracker”, I definitely felt it was racially motivated.

Could I get away with claiming to not be racist if I said there was a “creepy-ass ch*nk” following me?

For some reason I don’t think that CNN contributor Ryan Scott would have defended me in that case.

CNN contributor Ryan Scott said that his made “perfect sense.”

“For a lot of black folks all over the country, for a lot of Southern folks, nothing wrong with that statement,” Smith said.


Also 4 out of 7 definitions on Urban Dictionary (the definitive guide to modern slang as far as I care) specifically consider “Cracker” to be a racist and demeaning term for white people and 2 of the other 3 specifically note that it’s a term related to white people and slavery…that seems fairly offensive to me.

Actually, even Webster’s dictionary considers the slang use of the term to be “Disparaging and Offensive” and specifically related to race.


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