World War Z…meh.

I will not be long on this one.


World War Z, based on Max Brooks book by the same name was supposed to be a more realistic take on the very unrealistic genre.  Following a UN investigator as he attempts to find a way to stop a zombie plague that has engulfed the whole world the movie has some serious flaws.

If you like zombie movies this might be an okay film.  However it lacks the major frights and scares that the genre is usually known for, so as a zombie movie it’s kind of lacking.

As a more serious film this movie also has problems.  It tries to have more depth with some discussion about the serial killer that is nature, and the idea of how to deal with information when everyone agrees to interpret it one way (I have to say the idea of the 10th man, that someone is always supposed to look at things differently, is a great idea…most organizations could benefit from a devil’s advoctate).  But there are still far, far too many plot holes (plot holes that weren’t in the book) for this movie to be taken too seriously.  I’m not going to go into them, because, honestly, this movie isn’t worth the time.

Character development was lacking to say the least as this movie just goes from attempt to be serious, to run from zombies, attempt to be serious, run from zombies.  I never got a chance to really care about Brad Pitt, and certainly not about his family who barely has a single line after the first act.

And while portraying Israel in a positive light was nice to see in a movie, the fact that they suggested North Korea could possibly be smart enough to identify what a problem is and institute a working solution in time is more preposterous than the idea of the walking dead.

Again if you really like zombie movies, this might be worth seeing.  If you’re going to see because of Brad Pitt or because you were hoping to find the seriousness of the book….you can wait for it to hit Netflix.



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