War On School Choice

I can hear your long drawn out sigh already.

“She’s writing about education AGAIN?!”

Yes, yes I am. Now sit down, shut up, and listen before I hit your knuckles with a ruler.

My initial elementary school years were spent in a private Christian school in Northwest (haha, that poor Kardashian kid) Arkansas. I won’t say that it was the best education that anyone ever recieved, they concentrated a lot more on Biblical history than world history (which is why I’m a font of Biblical trivia that is wildly useless in today’s job market) but compared to most of the classes I had in public school over the next few years of Junior high and High school, it was practically Harvard.

So naturally I have strong emotions when it comes to private schools and when President “The Only Good School is One Run by the Unions” Obama starts off his trip to Ireland by attacking Catholic schools in the country as “divisive” I get a little, okay, a lot pissed off and more than a little worried.

See, Eric Holder recently said that there is no actual “right” for parents to Homeschool their children and that pissed me off too as a person who was homeschooled for a few years as well and as a person who plans to homeschool my own children. It just seems to me that this statement in conjunction with Obama’s statement spells trouble for anyone who finds a way to put their students in any other school than a public one.

 Obama recieved a gross amount donations from teacher’s unions across the country during his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, amounting to numbers amounting to almost $70,000 in 2011-2012 ALONE! Not to mention that the rest of their top 20 donation recipients were also Democrats (remind me why they can force people to pay union dues that are used to support specific candidates again) ranging in donations from $24,000 to $34,000 a piece. 

Teacher’s unions HATE school choice. Charter schools and Private schools don’t have to listen to their inane blathering for the most part and homeschooling parents certainly don’t have to listen to them and, horror of horrors, they don’t have to pay the union any dues and as Steven Crowder pointed out in his latest video, unions are not fond of anyone who doesn’t pay dues.

Obama thinks that Catholic schools (probably religious schools in general) are divisive and Eric Holder doesn’t think you have a right to teach your children at home.

Obama’s “support” of school choice seems even more shallow at this point. Sure he supports school choice, choose this failing school or this other failing school, but don’t you dare make the “divisive” choice to make sure your kid gets a good education.



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