The Magic Is Over: Obama No Longer Makes Europe “Feel Alive”

Obama: Did we get here early? German PM: No, everyone said they couldn’t come…they were washing their hair.

Obama hasn’t forgotten about Europe, but it seems like they kind of wish he would.

5 years ago Obama spoke to a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin and he speaks to a crowd of 4,500. Sure the were “invite only”, but something tells me this was a nice cover for the fact that Obama got a crowd that was one tenth the size of the one that JFK got during his speech at the same location.

It was a more muted affair for President Obama in Berlin today as he spoke at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate before an invite-only crowd of 4,500 guests – a remarkable difference from the rock-star welcome he received five years ago in front of 195,500 cheering supporters.

Then, Obama had it all to play for – the glowing presidential candidate symbolizing America’s revived hope for the future. This time, he arrived back in Berlin under the cloud of NSA surveillance programs which have outraged many Europeans and the ever-growing crisis in Syria.

The President removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves as he battled the 86F* temperature on Wednesday, quipping: ‘People of Berlin, your welcome is so warm I’m going to take off my jacket.’

Daily Mail

More to the point, here in the states, the Tea Party held an “Audit the IRS” rally which drew an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 supporters, more than twice the attendees of Obama’s speech.

It’s no wonder he can’t hold a crowd though, when his disapproval ratings have risen to 57% this month and he’s lost a lot of his support in Europe as well. Sad, since they were major cheerleaders for him during his re-election campaign (has that campaign ended yet?).

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m expecting divorce papers to be filed sometime soon.


Of course The Advocate wrote an entire article about his speech, making it seem like the speech was dedicated to supporting the LGBT community, rather than a incoherent and sweaty speech about nuclear disarmament (the one thing he still thinks he can impress Europe with) and strangely no mention of the tiny number of people he spoke too. Somehow I don’t think speaking to a crowd of 4,500 is going to change LGBT “rights”.

But at least Obama doesn’t have to show up in Gay Divorce court just yet.


*86F and he had to battle it? Oh please, PLEASE let him come speak in Arizona. We’ll see how he does outside in 110F.

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  1. Don't forget that part of the reason he drew 200,000 the first time was that he offered free beer. When you think about only 200,000 Germans showing up for FREE BEER, is also kind of a low turnout.

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