#SNAPchallenge Proves Politicians Incompetence: I’m Not Even Trying and I Eat Cheaper Than You

#SNAPchallenge, you’re doing it wrong.

Last night my family (of 4) ate a very healthy and filling dinner. After doing the math on what the ingredients cost my family, I’m left to believe that politicians (at least the Democrats participating in #SNAPchallenge) are incredibly bad at budgeting…actually that’s obvious from their day jobs as well.

Last nights dinner was a masterpiece based on smart shopping and smart cooking. Yesterday morning my mother (I live at home and I blame Obama for it) put about a pound and a half of boneless chicken on to cook in the crock pot with some barbecue marinade. When I got home I made a cake from mix, which cost slightly more than making it from scratch, but I was feeling lazy. When we were getting ready to eat I sliced up a tomato and we cooked 4 ears of corn.

When added up, based on the cost of items at my grocery store, here’s what happened.

  • $3.00 – Chicken
  • $1.00 – Barbecue sauce (the bottle cost about $3, we used about 1/3 of it)
  • $1.00 – Corn on the cob (we buy it when it’s on sale for .25 or so an ear)
  • $1.00 – Tomato (it was organic, my mom’s picky)
  • $4.20 – Cake (this includes the cost of mix, the cost of the milk and oil used, and the 2 eggs)

Over all this meal cost us $10.20, but since we had enough of the meal left to make 2 lunches today and the cake will last about 3 meals, the per meal, per person break down is about $1 for dinner and $.35 for dessert.

Based on the concept of the SNAP Challenge, each meal should be about $1.33 per person. We were $.2 over budget for the meal, but since I only had a cup of coffee (based on complex math from the cost of the bag/how many scoops per pot/how much I drank) which was about $.50 and the scrambled egg ($.15) for breakfast, I had some wiggle room.

In fact, based on further calculation, the only reason I went over the SNAP Challenge budget for the day (and keep in mind, I’m not even participating, so I’m not planning meals at all) was because I had a soda and some donut holes at lunch…which would hardly kill me to cut from my diet.

So why the heck are these Democrat participants having such a hard time finding healthy things to eat for their #SNAPchallenge photo-ops? I mean, we have a candidate for mayor of NYC who is eating condensed soup out of a can for lunch one day and a half a loaf of white bread for lunch the next, a congresswoman bemoaning how hard it is to shop on $31.50 a week while she spends $4.99 on a pint of blueberries, and dozens of other ludicrous #SNAPchallenge tweets from politicians who are either vastly incompetent at shopping on a budget or are intentionally tweeting “woe is me” photos in order to tug the heart strings of people in order to make them more sympathetic to growing the welfare state just one more time.

In my opinion, it’s probably a mix of both problems.

Here’s a suggestion, check the weekly ads, cut some coupons, stop buying boxed and bagged food (I’m looking at you Representative Mark “Boca burgers, mac and cheese, and big cup noodles” Pocan) and start shopping smart, the way normal American people on a budget shop.

It’s not actually that hard.


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