Open Letter to the Senate

Dear Senate Dems,

So you voted to eliminate the filibuster for appointments of judges? Wow…good for you!!!!! I mean you really showed the Republicans who’s boss. Yep, you took a look at something that serves as a check and balance and said “Screw YOU! We don’t need no stinkin’ balance!!! We KNOW what’s good for everybody! We’re the majority BITCHES!!!”

That. Is. So. AWESOME!!! So, congrats!

But wait…what happens when you no longer hold the majority in the Senate AND the White House? I mean, that’s bound to happen at some point. It’s been that way before, and the way things are going right now, it is likely to happen again soon. You won’t have a way to check and balance judges then!!!! Oh SNAP!!!! Did that even occur to you guys???? I mean are you all so freaking arrogant that you believe we will FOREVER have a Democrat held Senate and White House? What do you guys know that we don’t know?

This move…this short sighted, arrogant, cry baby, pick up your toys and go home move…is going to bite you in the butt before you know it.

Enjoy your little moment of “victory” because it is going to be very short lived.



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