An Ice Water Bath for the MSM: Why the AP Scandal is Probably the Most Important One

It’s really nice to be vindicated when it comes to scandals and the conservative blog-o-sphere has been given a chance to feel that way a lot recently. Benghazi, Pigford, the IRS, we were right about all of them and that can leave us all feeling very excited, but the way I figure it, that AP scandal is the most important one.

But why? I hear you asking. After all, people died because of Benghazi and the IRS scandal is evidence of some the most obvious abuse of government power in quite a while, but neither of these is going to effect the media (and therefore public opinion) all that much.

See reactions like this one from a tumblr user, which represents quite a few reactions

Liberals don’t give a crap about the IRS checking up on conservative groups and an appalling number seem to agree with Hillary when it comes to her now famous quote “What difference does it make” how 4 American citizens died in Benghazi, Libya.

And those are the ones who even know Benghazi happened. An equally appalling number have no idea what “Benghazi” even is.

However, as my Journalism 101 professor once told me (before I switched majors), the Associated Press is the backbone of the Main Stream Media (well, she said it was the backbone of “journalism”, but chances are good that if you are reading this website, you know that’s a load of horse puckey.)

If anything can put a crack in the unholy matrimony between the MSM and the Obama administration, this would be it. If this wakes up the AP and gets them to at least treat Obama like a normal president, rather than the second coming of Christ, this will still be an enormous breakthrough.

All in all, this is the perfect storm for our side. Alone, anyone of these scandals and cover-ups could (and have been) dismissed, but when you combine them all and add a serving of the administration going after the backbone of the media that used to be completely enthralled by them, you get a situation that spells trouble for the White House.

(h/t to Michael at The Economic Collapse for the Obama/AP photo)


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