Liberals Think They Are Constantly in a State of Pon Farr

If you are a Trekkie you will already know what that term means, for those of you who aren’t, let me educate you.

Vulcan term for their mating cycle.

Every seven years, the adult Vulcan undergoes an extreme and erratic physical and psychological imbalance, which can be fatal if the mating ritual is not carried out.

Star Trek Database

For liberals this appears to be an every day occurrence, instead of every seven years.

I got a comment on my personal blog today from a woman who went on at length about the reasons birth control should be freely accessible to women. What it boiled down to was “I need birth control because I’m trying to be responsible and not get pregnant so I can get my life together”.

Umm, okay? What in the world does that have to do with the government or your school or anyone else (other than you and your partner) paying for your birth control?

Let me break this down. You are a ‘responsible’ adult who needs someone else to pay for your birth control because, presumably, you are too poor to pay for it yourself. You claim you are responsible, you clearly know that sex without a contraceptive would lead to pregnancy and that would stop you from ‘getting your life together’, but instead of realizing that the responsible solution this problem would be not have sex when you can’t afford a contraceptive you have decided that I should be the one to pay for your sex life.

Because that’s the “responsible” thing for you to do. 


That’s the opposite of responsible.

Let me make this very clear. Lack of sex is not going to kill you. You are not a Vulcan.

No really, it won’t. I haven’t had sex in nearly a year. I’m not dead yet and I don’t feel like I’m going to keel over imminently either.

Stop trying to sell people on how you are doing the “responsible” thing by asking others to pay for your birth control. It’s admirable that you connect pregnancy with sex, you’ve at least matured to high school level biology, but you can’t claim you are acting responsibly if you are getting birth control on my dime because you can’t afford it yourself.

Put all that sexual energy into settling your life and doing actual responsible things.


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  1. Amen to that! If you are trying to get your life together and you are more worried about your sex life than achieving your goals, your not working hard enough at it!

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