Showing Off

I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing off a little sometimes. If you know the answer in class, you should raise your hand.

If you get a promotion there’s not reason why you can’t announce it to the bar (after a few drinks) or your family and friends.

If you buy a new house, housewarming parties are a great way to show off.

If you buy a Porsche, driving it around smugly is sort of expected.

Then there are people who are just obnoxious show offs.

They raise their hand to answer a question, but before they do they make sure everyone knows they are the smartest one in the room.

They announce their promotion to their unemployed sister who is struggling to feed her family.

They buy a new house in the suburbs and invite their friends over by saying “I just bought a house, you should come over and visit…at least you’ll get out of that ghetto you live in for a while”.

You know the type, the kind of people you just want to punch in the face after a while and you begin to wonder why you hung around with them at all, because they are the most obnoxious show offs you’ve ever met.

Barack Obama is one of these types of people.

Only a few weeks ago he was acting as if the entire world was coming to an end because of the Sequester, but now he’s back to his old tricks. He and his family have already taken 3 vacations this year to place such as the Bahamas and Aspen.

They also had a fabulous soul music concert, on the taxpayer’s dollars of course, at the White House. A lot of celebrities were invited to the White House to either attend with the first family or perform for them.

But school kids still can’t tour the White House, because self guided tours just cost too much.

Their yearly trip to Martha’s Vineyard is still on, according to Politico.

While they are relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard, a place most of us could never afford to visit, Fort Bragg has cancelled it’s more than 30 year tradition of their Fourth of July festivities, including their fireworks show.

While Obama has now given 4 more F-16s to the Egyptian government (the total is now at 12 for the year), the Blue Angels have cancelled all of their remaining shows for 2013.

I knew the administration told their agencies that they wanted to make sure the sequester “hurt” as much as they had hyperbolized it would, but I did think that someone on the President’s staff would have told him to keep his personal displays of wealth and free time down to a dull roar while he was making sure the rest of the country suffered as much as possible because of his Sequester.

I’m expecting Michelle to come out saying “let them eat sugar free, low calorie, soy based cake” any moment now.


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