Who’s Your Daddy? Guess What? It’s Not the Government.

So I’m a lesbian and I’d like to get married one day, but the difference between me and the “marriage equality” kooks on the left (and a few on the right) is that I reject the idea that the government needs to be involved in that marriage at all and I would feel the same way if I was straight.

Here’s a question for conservatives who are in favor of gay marriage (or, in fact, in favor of the government being involved in marriage at all). Why do you need to government to validate your relationship?

Whether you get married in a church or temple or synagogue or you simply make a lifelong commitment between yourself and your partner without any religion behind it at all, why do you need the government to give you their blessing?

I don’t need it because when I get married it will be because I love that other person, not because I need the government to give me free goodies because I tied the knot.

There’s another question I want to ask. If this isn’t about love or religious views, then it must be about government benefits. Excuse me while I try to puzzle out why conservatives are in favor of the government giving you special benefits because of how you live your personal life. Isn’t that a bit counter to conservative principles?

It’s not like those government benefits have been of much benefit to society. Look at the number of single mothers, teen mothers, and divorces we have in this country.

How about this, for those of you that want government benefits (because I doubt those are going anywhere) – A civil union.

For those of you that want a religious ceremony – A marriage.

For those of you that want both – Do both.

For those of you who are gay and just want the benefits – A civil union.

For those of you who are gay and religious – find a church/temple/synagogue/mosque (good luck on that last one) that will marry you and you get – A marriage.

Why do you want the government more intertwined with your personal life? I thought the whole concept of being a conservative was that we want government to be smaller and have less influence over our lives?

Hopefully I wasn’t wrong about that.

The government isn’t your family, it isn’t your friends, and it’s not your in-laws. Stop acting like they need to give you permission to love someone.

Now I’ll leave you with Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette discussing (and agreeing) with the same concept I just laid out for you.


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  1. Don't forget the change that marriage brings in the eyes of the law (compared to benefits). I think that's more important than the benefits discussion. Medical decisions, inheritance, etc.

    • Those are "benefits" in my mind.
      They are also "benefits" that can, for the most part, be taken care of by wills (living and otherwise), next of kin paperwork, and other legal means.

      Also, I specifically mention the need for civil unions for those "benefits"

  2. This is freedom of speech….as intended.

  3. Meredith,

    Awesome article.

    My sister and her life partner have two children. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars making it so if one of them dies the other gets legal custody. That, to me, is stupid. I'm all for civil unions. One piece of paper and your done.

    What drives me crazy about liberals is if they want something, and they don't want to have to explain why, they hide it behind a civil liberty. Marriage is NOT a civil liberty. Gays can vote, go to the same store as everyone, go the the same school and can drive on the same highway. What they can't do is marry someone of the same sex. But neither can I, or a black, or a Hispanic.

    Feelings are real. I get that. Feelings are a not good legal reason for changing a law.

    I know the standard argument against gay marriage is polygamy. There is truth there, but it goes deeper than that. Let's say I'm a 50 year old man who is a widower. My 25 year old daughter and I want to get married. We are both a legal age, I had never been inappropriate with her while she was growing up. If "feelings" are what it's all about, who is going to stop us? "We love each other."

    I know gays and pedophiles are not the same, but there is a very real push to make sex with under aged children legal. If it becomes legal what is to stop a 50 year old man from marrying a 14 year old boy? "We love each other."

    What if a man is legally married to a woman, and comes out gay. He loves his wife and his gay lover. Why can't they all get married? "We love each other."

    I can 'love' a goat. If we want to get married who is going to stop us? "We love each other."

    If they legalize it there are going to be a TON of unintended consequence. And once "feelings" become precedence it's going to open up a whole crap load of other issues.

    I think it will probably happen. If not today within a few years.

    To me people can sleep with who they want to sleep with, makes no difference to me at all. But an institution that has been around for 6000 years, shouldn't be pitched on a whim.

    In my little brain, this is an issue for the states to decide. We would be able to see what the obstacle are and if we decide to make a change we will be doing so informed.

    Quick side note: The only really good reason, I can think of, for gay marriage is "Gay Divorce Court" on TV would be HILARIOUS.

    Those are my 'two cents'.

    • Gay divorce court WOULD be hilarious.

      I agree, there would be unintended consequences (or, perhaps, intended) and we need to leave this up to the states as much as possible.

      In my ideal world the government would get it's nose out of marriage altogether, but I don't know how easily that can be done at this point. Make no mistake, it CAN be done…but it would be difficult.


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