It’s As Dangerous As Cheating on Lorena Bobbit

Going against the White House that is. Bob Woodward is learning that the hard way. Being an honest journalist in Washington DC these days is something that is frowned upon, when honesty means you make the President look bad.

Woodward has a long and glorious tradition of making President’s look foolish however, and I don’t think he cares what the White House or the rest of the media think of him telling the truth.

But is this behavior that should be coming from the “most transparent administration in history”, as Obama has claimed. Not only is this an administration that denies far more FOIA requests than Bush’s administration, but they also are beginning to have a tradition of harassing journalists who are trying to find the truth and report it, the way journalists are supposed to.

So much for “speaking truth to power”. I guess that only matters when a Republican is in office.

You’ll notice that the only time it “doesn’t matter” who suggested sequestration or what actually happened in Benghazi, is when a Democratic administration is at fault.

Curious that, it’s almost like most of the press are just liberals shills for the democratic party.

Whether you read the email from Gene Sperling and see his “you will regret staking out that claim” comment as a threat or not (after you contend with the fact that Sperling yelled at Woodward for half an hour beforehand), you have to at least question why Sperling thinks that Woodward would regret telling the truth? (Even Politico knows Woodward is right on this.)

Possibly because It will get him castigated by the rest of the main stream media. To the point they are now claiming he’s right wing…because that’s clearly the only reason he would say such horrible true things about Obama. Doesn’t Woodward know that to be a journalist in DC, you must never ever say anything bad about a Democratic President?

For shame Woodward, why would you ever imagine that journalism was about reporting facts?

I might have been more inclined to play down Woodward’s story and claim he was blowing things out of proportion if it weren’t for the fact that Bob isn’t the only one this has happened too.

On the heels of Woodward’s story. Lanny Davis, a former Clinton White House Aide and a supporter of Obama, has come out with his own tale of harassment at the hands of the White House.

“That exact thing happened to me — and I haven’t spoken of this before,” Davis continued. “When I had my column ‘Purple Nation’ originally in the Washington Times with the editor John Solomon…he received a phone call from a senior Obama White House official who didn’t like some of my columns.”

Davis recounted receiving a phone call from Solomon explaining the threat. It was apparently a strongly-worded rebuke, alleging that the Times’ credentials could be taken away if the columns were continued.

The Blaze

Then there’s Sharyl Attkinson, an investigative reporter at CBS, who had her own story to tell in 2011 when she was yelled at by a DOJ spokeswoman for investigating Fast and Furious:

Attkisson told Ingraham that, when she broke a damning story about the operation, she got extremely aggressive pushback from the Obama administration. She said that a DOJ spokeswoman named Tracy Schmaler had yelled at her on Monday about the story, but that it was nothing compared to the way a White House spokesman named Eric Schultz had acted.

Attkisson said he had “literally screamed at me and cussed at me” about the story, and that the White House also told her that she was the only reporter not being “reasonable” about the issue.

The Huffington Post

Unlike the rest of the MSM, who treat any criticism of Obama as inaccurate at best and racist lies at worst, Woodward, Attkinson, and Davis are trying to do their jobs. The job of the fourth estate, the reason for the existence of the 1st amendment and freedom of the press, is to keep the government accountable. Covering up for the current administration and trying to blackball any reporter or organization that criticizes the administration is a complete betrayal of American ideals and the American people.

The current state of journalism in our country is not what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he said “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter”.

Thought, to be fair, this wasn’t the sort of government our Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote “We The People” either. Something is deeply wrong here, but at least there are some that are willing to speak out and use the fourth estate for what it was intended.

I’ll be happy to keep speaking truth to power right along with Woodward, Attkinson, Davis and anyone else willing to find the truth and report it, regardless of the media lapdogs and administration threats that come after us.


Update: 2:27pm 2/28/13

Ron Fournier is now reporting that he has received similar threats from a White House insider who was formerly a source of his. Reportedly, the same phrase of “You will regret staking out that claim”.



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