No Fantasies Allowed!

I’m pretty sure that will get you suspended.

 Sorry kids, that “imagination” thing is only going to get you suspended. Might as well turn in your individuality and sense of wonder at the school office and pick up your little red book of rules and government issued uniform.

Donlyn and I are on the same wavelength this week.

When I was in school we played cops and robbers, blind tag (just as dangerous as it sounds), we pushed and shoved and tackled each other and, yes, we pretended to have guns or other weapons.

One of my favorite games in 1st grade was to pretend to be a knight, with a sword, fighting against evil forces.

If I did that now I would be suspended for having an imaginary weapon at my side on the play ground.

You think I’m kidding? “That would never happen Meredith, stop being an alarmist!” you say.

Tell that to the seven year old in Colorado who was suspended for throwing an imaginary (i.e. FAKE) hand grenade into a box that, according to the pretend game “save the world” that he was playing, was filled with evil forces that were going to destroy the world.

So this child wants to be a heroic person who saves the world…and we’re punishing him for it.

There is an epidemic of mind control and brainwashing at our children’s schools.

A five year old girl was suspended in Pennsylvania for telling her friend that they should shoot each other with a Hello Kitty Bubble gun, which shoots…bubbles.

A fifth grader from Philadelphia was yelled at by school administration and harassed by fellow students, and suspended, after she mistakenly brought a sheet of paper to school that was folded into a vaguely gun like shape.

Two six year olds from Talbot County, Maryland were suspended after making guns out of their fingers and shooting at each other.

A girl in the Houston area was suspended and accused of making a terroristic threat after making a gun shape with her finger while pretending to to be a cop on the playground.

What are we doing to our children? Don’t have an imagination, don’t be an individual, don’t have aspirations to save the world, watch everything you do and say for fear that you will be suspended, become a politically correct automaton. Don’t even hug your friends, because that would might be seen as harassment.

In fact, don’t even have best friends, because “experts” think that’s unhealthy.

We, or more precisely liberals, are sucking the fun out of childhood and all the freedom out of life; because they clearly know what’s best for us.

No, you don’t know what’s best for me or anyone else outside of yourself and your family. Stop trying to telling us how to live.

A child making a gun shape out of their fingers is not a terroristic threat and no adult should be scared of it.

A five year old playing with a bubble gun is not a danger to the student population.

A piece of paper, no matter what shape it folded into, is not going to scare students witless or hurt anyone.

An imaginary game of saving the world is not going to make a child lose it and kill his classmates.

This ridiculous scare tactic is just an excuse to brainwash children into the liberal mindset through oppression and  bullying and it’s disgusting! We have to make a stand to protect our children’s childhood, their imagination, and their ability to think for themselves.

If we can’t do that, we’ve already lost.




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