Borders, Like Condoms, Should Not be Porous

She could definitely keep Hezbollah away from our border.

She could definitely keep Hezbollah away from our border.

It leads to problems.

Here’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart, border security.

I live in Arizona, home of the Fast and Furious scandal and the state where Brian Terry, a US border patrol agent, was killed over two years ago, by guns that the Department of Justice “lost” under the Obama Administration. Terry’s family still hasn’t received satisfactory answers from the DOJ or Obama, in fact, Eric Holder and Obama worked double time to cover up information about Fast and Furious. Obama even invoked Executive Privilege, something he criticized the Bush Administration for doing in 2007.

More importantly, our porous border has created a hellish problem that is a combination of illegal immigration and drug cartels. Arizona’s state capital, Phoenix, was classified the kidnapping capital of the United States. The only cities that have a higher rate of kidnapping are in Mexico. I suppose I can congratulate our fair capital on having half the gun crime of Chicago, probably due to the fact that everyone and their grandmother owns a gun here in Arizona, as Danny has pointed out in a previous blog here at DS&P.

And Janet Napolitano says that our “border is better now than it has ever been.” Easy for her to say when she’s spending most of her time outside of Arizona these days.

Unfortunately the Obama administration seems to have bought the idea that our border is secure; hook, line, and sinker. After all, he spent far more on foreign aid, spending 76% more money there than he did on securing our borders and I have to say, that pisses me off. Our police are stretched thin here in Arizona, we have good cops and some amazing Sheriff’s departments (Sheriff Joe anyone?) but they put themselves in increasing danger every day, because of the violence of drug runners, raids on drop houses, and combating illegal immigration.

All the while the Obama Administration is doling out money by the bucket load on foreign aid, like 1.5 billion dollars for the Muslim Brotherhood.


Since 2008, international assistance spending has increased each year. In fiscal 2009, it climbed to $14.827 billion. In fiscal 2010, it jumped to $20.038 billion. And, in fiscal 2011, it climbed again to $20.599 billion.

By the end of August, after the first eleven months of fiscal 2012, the federal government had already spent $20.058 on foreign aid in that fiscal year. That was well ahead of the $18.439 billion the federal government had spent on foreign aid through August of last year.  The Treasury has not yet published the final amount that was spent on foreign aid in fiscal 2012, which ended on Sunday.

– (CNS News)

Great, so the country is operating in negative numbers, we haven’t had a budget in significantly more than 3 years (getting close to 4) and we are sending twice as much money to foreign countries as we are spending on policing our own borders. This is money we don’t have, money we are borrowing and printing irresponsibly. If we are going to spend money we don’t have, it should at least be on actual problems in our country, not on fighter jets for foreign powers that actually don’t like us much and giving weapons to countries that end up killing our ambassador and then giving their excess American weapons to Hamas.

Now we have Hezbollah joining up with the Mexican drug cartels that operate just across the, increasingly porous, border from my state.

It makes me feel incredibly safe that our president has nominated a man for Secretary of Defense who has refused to recognize Hezbollah (a group which has been involved in suicide bombings, kidnappings, hijackings, and car bombs) as a terrorist organization. /Sarcasm

This President and his administration are completely incapable of making responsible decisions.

How did this guy get  re-elected?

Oh right, they promised everyone “free” healthcare and birth control.

Good to know our country’s citizens have their priorities straight.

As for me, I’m going to see if I can find enough surplus cash (I do have a budget to keep) to buy a gun. Things aren’t getting better, no matter what Janet Napolitano claims.




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  1. Thanks, sometimes I just gotta rant about some local issues. These issues with the border are not going to lead to anything good.

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