Fun, Sun, and Not a Hint of Responsibility

Fun, sun and not a care in the world. I wanna be President.

Fun, sun and not a care in the world. I wanna be President.

Obama has spent the better part of the fiscal cliff talks telling Republicans that they need to compromise a little bit.

Of course, by ‘compromise’ he means that we should simply do whatever he says and forget any semblance of discussion.

How do I know that? Well let’s consider his response to Boehner’s attempt to compromise, which was “Plan B”. A bill which involved raising taxes on those making over $1 million dollars a year. While I’m no advocate of raising taxes, this at least made more sense than raising taxes on those making over $250,000.

Strangely, Democrats on the street seem to agree that ALL the ways Democrats want to solve this problem are bad ideas and the ideas Republicans have are pretty good as Steven Crowder showed in this video.

Obama’s reaction to that? No way in hell.

So Plan B fell by the wayside, though “the House passed a bill that offsets spending cuts that would result from sequestration, and mostly impact defense, with spending cuts in other parts of the budget.” (PJ Tatler) and “Boehner noted the House had already passed legislation to stop all tax rate increases, in addition to the spending cuts bill. He concluded: “The Senate must now act.”” (Fox News)

Which certainly means the House hasn’t been shirking their duties. That still might not be enough to keep Boehner in his job as speaker of the house apparently, as there is apparently a move in congress to replace Boehner with Paul Ryan. I’m not certain I have a problem with that idea. He will be easier on the eyes in press conferences and we know he has the balls to take on Obama and his cronies.

But the real story right now is, once again, Obama’s lack of priorities. We are in the middle of a fiscal crisis, you might even say that we are about to go over a fiscal cliff. This is something the Democrats were denying was even an issue until it became apparent that it would be the albatross around their party’s neck for years to come if they didn’t fix it.

Where is our President?


As someone on facebook said today (I can’t remember who it was) ‘what makes the President or Congress think that they get Christmas this year? They are on the naughty list. Get back to work.’

We have a deadline of January 1st on this fiscal cliff, but apparently the first family has time for eggnog, politically correct ‘xmas carols’, and a holiday tree in a fancy resort in Hawaii. It might interest you all to know that Obama has been on more vacations, paid for by tax payers, in the last 4 years than I have been on in my entire life. Talk about being a member of the 1%, this vacation alone is costing us $4 million dollars.

Maybe the solution here is to cut off the first family from the vacation fund. That should start making a dent in the deficit almost immediately.

This update on the fiscal cliff and Obama’s outrageous lack of leadership brought to you from my office, where I’m working on a Saturday, because normal people work through a recession, on weekends and even through the holidays when necesssary. We don’t take off for Hawaii with major projects left undone.



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