Israeli Women Are Just Bad-Ass

Israeli Female Soldier in a Bikini….COOL!

No one can refute this fact, it’s one of the the universal laws, like gravity or the fact that the line for the women’s bathroom is always going to be longer than the one for the men’s room.

Here’s a few examples of why this is true.

They carry their assault rifles with them everywhere, this includes when they are at the beach, wearing a bikini.

They’ve been serving as soldiers since before Israel was founded and they have been operating in the field, in combat and as officers, since 1973.

They basically do anything that a man does in the IDF and 51% of the officers in the IDF are women. Women are required to serve in the military after they graduate high school, just like men. Here’s a great, short, documentary about female soldiers in the IDF.

And in a moment of pure objectification. These women are hot. What can I say? Assault weapons do it for me.

Most recently though there have been a couple of Israeli women that have show exactly how bad-ass the women of this country are.

The first would be Yael Re’em Matzpun, age 39 and mother of four and an athlete trained in Krav Maga, who saved her children and herself from a Palestinian terrorist who broke into her home, intending to kill her and her four children.

The terrorist, armed with a knife and an iron rode, succeeded to stab Yael in the face and shoulder and to cause property damage. Yet nevertheless, Yael, with her strong determination to live and to protect her family, managed to overpower the terrorist. Yael’s father, Danny Matzpun, told Yedioth Achronot that upon sending her children to the safe room, “she pushed him into the bathroom and blocked the door using one of the kids’ beds.” Yael then proceeded to call for help.

The IDF spokesman office is convinced that this was a terrorist attack and not a case of robbery since the Palestinian intruder was not in the middle of a burglary when the home-owners discovered him.

United With Israel


That’s the only words to describe it. The terrorist did escape from the bathroom where she had trapped him, but the IDF tracked him down. He was shot while trying to attack the soldiers that were attempting to arrest him.

Then there is Hila,  the 28 year old head of the
testing division responsible for the testing and transfer of Iron Dome
batteries to the Air Force.

The battery was completing a series of testing
at the testing field when Israel assassinated Ahmed Jabri. The team
realized that they could close the gap between testing and deployment and in
the course of 60 hours were able to deploy the Iron Dome battery to defend
Tel Aviv. Hila is an aeronautical engineer married to an Air Force officer.


Did I mention that she’s currently 9 months pregnant?

Her husband is in the Air Force and his commanding officer wanted to send him home to be with his wife, so he could be there for, y’know, when she went into labor. He responded to this by letting his C.O. know that his wife wasn’t at home.

Yeah, she was out keeping Israel safe from Hamas launched rockets.

That kid is going to have the coolest mother on the planet. I hope he or she realizes that.

Women of Israel, I salute you.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Someday the rest of the world will realize how wrong they were and you and the men of Israel will be remembered as the heroes you are.



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