The New and Somewhat Improved Beauty and the Beast

March 24, 2017 • Entertainment, Media

    I finally saw it. To some extent, I even enjoyed it. Read my full review. See the spoiler filled review below.

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Elementary Politics at Phoenix Comicon


The writers at Elementary Politics all have a lot of different obsessions. Some of us read books about the Revolutionary War like they’re going out of style, some of us read Supreme Court case briefs for fun, and others like to argue with people about foreign policy. The one thing we all have in common though… Read More ›

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Tomi Lahren Showed Us Where The Line Is And We Shouldn’t Be Happy About It


First off, this article isn’t really about Tomi Lahren. She does feature prominently in it, but before her blonde and overly perky head can grow any larger because of yet another mention of her name on Google and cause her to float away like Aunt Marge, she should be aware that she serves only as a sort… Read More ›

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Violence In Israel: The Breakdown


  Violent attacks in Israel. Oh, is it that time of year again? Sure, but this time its not Gaza and southern Israel. For the first time in years extreme violence has irrupted in the holiest of Jewish cities: Jerusalem.

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My Parents Raised Me “Free Range” Before It Was Cool


I was a free range kid, so were most of my friends, and not a single one of us had a cellphone to keep in touch with our parents. I walked through our freezing cold neigborhood at 6am to catch the bus by myself. I stayed home during my homeschool years with my sister (who… Read More ›

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Things Feminists Hate: Capitalism and Choices


There I was, minding my own business on facebook, when I saw it. The ubiquitous “gendered products are stupid and sexist” post. It rolls around every now and then, often from different sources. Usually it’s just some annoying feminist website. This time it was…which is sad, because Cracked occasionally has some funny articles and other… Read More ›

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Two Conservative Lesbians Podcast


Recently I (MeredithAncret) and one of Elementary Politics other writers, Erica,  started a podcast entitled Two Conservative Lesbians. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A weekly show with two witty, non-stereotypical, conservative women talking about politics and current events. We would like to encourage Elementary Politics readers to listen in and subscribe to the… Read More ›

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